Top 5 Reasons to Apply to be a Senior Spokesmodel!

Your senior year is here! FINALLY! There are so many things that you have waited for: college applications, senior night, senior prom, and taking your senior pictures. Every year you see other friends or students at your school go through this process but it is FINALLY YOUR TURN! Que the dance party! Even with all the research on senior pictures, it can still be so confusing. There are different types of photographers, different packages, different locations, and the question should I apply to be on a senior rep/spokesmodel team?!

With so many questions, my hope is that this will clear up why you SHOULD 100% sign up to be on the Caitlin Breann 2021 Spokesmodel team. There are so many benefits and reasons why you should apply and make the most out of your senior year!


When I think about my senior year of high school, I think about the community of people I was involved with and the memories that we created! Being a part of a senior spokesmodel team allows young women to connect with seniors from other schools and navigate the craziness of senior year together! When you join the spokesmodel team, you will get to be a part of the online community that allows you to communicate and support each other! With support, encouragement, and a positive community of the other senior spokesmodels behind you, you will create memories and friendships that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Not only will you be a part of the exclusive spokesmodel community, but you will also become close with all the young women on the team! Through all of the extra events and time spent having fun and getting glammed up together, the young women you are able to meet might be a best friend that you would have never had to opportunity to meet otherwise!


All young women should have confidence in the fact that they are BEAUTIFUL, SMART, and ENOUGH! Sometimes, when we are faced with a camera in our faces we forget this. Me, I’m one of them. Becoming a senior spokesmodel allows you the opportunity to be in front of the camera more often. This can help you become more comfortable in front of the camera and let your inner model shine!! The world would love to see your beauty shine so let me capture it!!


As a senior spokesmodel, you get a unique senior experience! Senior spokesmodels receive extra shoots, exclusive welcome events with boutique partnerships. Spokesmodels are able to receive free hair and makeup for the styled shoots and get truly pampered! They also receive a complimentary cap and gown mini-session at the end of their senior year to cap off the perfect year! In addition to all the shoots, the community of fellow young women from all over the Northwest Ohio region, and building new friendships truly allow for making this the experience of a lifetime. My goal is to spoil my spokesmodels and make this a year you will NEVER forget!


Becoming a Caitlin Breann senior spokesmodel means that you have the opportunity to get your entire senior session for FREE! By posting your senior images and telling all of your friends about Caitlin Breann Photography, you can gain referrals. With the referral system, you can earn back CASH for every senior you refer that books a session. Senior year is EXPENSIVE! Like crazy expensive. Getting gorgeous images, having fun, and being part of an exclusive community all while earning money back? Sign me up!!


You can visit my website at for more information as well as email me at for more information.

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